I don’t walk alone

I don’t usually walk alone

But I know the beauty of solitary saunters

And I know how sweet it is to hum tunes my brain credits itself for

so I walk with my music

and my problems too

Chanting them as if to entertain the whizzing winds

Singing them as if the melodies would shoo them away,

With the incessant brrrr!s they leave on my ears

Chorusing them to the birds

Just as if their responses are solutions

Chirp! Chirp! they quip, and I sing along

There’s a solution to my troubles,

The winds and birds know,

I don’t walk alone.


I don’t walk alone.

Touch, paint, taste…

The future lies ahead

not so far yonder




Hmm. the choice is yours.

it is untouched

what’s it going to feel like?

rough? smooth?

It is unpainted

what are you going to paint it?

dark? bright?

It is untasted

what’s your future going to taste like?

sweet? bitter?

Hmm. the choice is yours.

A future…

There’s always a future being reckoned

A person looking into the azure above

seeing tomorrow half-hidden by the vast skies

longing to have greener pastures

longing to grasp a time-machine and spare themselves the wait

But i dare think

There should always be a future being worked for

a person not staring up but burried in books

learning ardently  and exploring vast knowledge fields

longing not but making a better future

and finally when the time comes, it’s a greater surprise.