I wanna let you know

For the days when you close your eyes and not know what to say to Him
And it puts thoughts of hell on your head

For the days when you jerk right out of your sleep and wonder what’s lurking in the dark
And your heart races into another dimension

For the days when in the middle of a beautiful meal, your teeth turn against your tongue
And the pain drowns the sweetness

For the days when in your thirst, the fluid adventures away to the wrong tube
And your coughs scare you more than they pinch

I wanna let you know
That you escape the reaper’s  hook
But one day you won’t;

And for that day, we’ll weep



I’m told people tire
But I dare call exemptions on myself
There’s more to my heart’s being myogenic
For it beats not only for me
But also for the depth of the love my existence can’t help but feel for you Mi Amor
I’m never to fatigue
And just as time knows no end
My love for you knows no halt
You’re the love of my life
And I’ll always love you.

Flora, Flora Botanica.

She said that I liked tea….but I didn’t like tea…I liked black tea I opined…so she begged to ask…why black? And I cheesily retorted that Black reeks of pain and dark…and that black tea tastes like the honk of a lorry with a dying battery..
“That must be so swee..” I didn’t let her finish conveying that sentiment
‘Do you mean to say that pain, darkness and a sickly lorry honk frenzy your taste buds?’…
My acquaintance didn’t say a word..she went on to sip from my concoction of tea leaves, masala and water then closed her eyes blissfully..just as if the tea was draining to her heart instead of her stomach..
I was about to conclude that she loved it when my now silky faced acquaintance asked ‘ so you don’t take sugar too?’
For a moment I didn’t have the words but before she could brand me weird, I went like..’ I think I like my Mercury better measuring temperatures than sweetening beverage.’..what I took after saying that wasn’t a sip..it was a gluttonous gulp
I was laughing last..or so I thought..but I wasn’t ready for this..
‘ Do you mind sharing your diabetes story’
Okay, she’d won now. And you know, it was eight in the morning..I only win most of my word fights in the afternoon so I motioned my hand toward hers for a handshake..’Edward, Edward Wright’, I said in my vain bass
Shaking my hand quite firmly, she said, ‘I’m Flora, Flora Botanica..I hate flowers. Pollen more specifically, stinging sneezes.’
‘You do realize you’re an irony Flora’ I quip.
‘ It’s been two decades of that statement in my ears..it’s my best cliché’
I wasn’t winning this one.