A musical beauty

I once met a beauty

Her skin smoother than a Marshmello beat

Her gaze.. twice awe striking than a Martin Garrix sound

Her voice sweeter than a Chainsmokers’ Melody

Her words.. cryptic.. a twenty one pilots song?

Her look.. intoxicating, something like a XYLØ tune

Her eyes.. some Kygo sensation

And when I woke next morn’

I was afraid I loved music too much it gave me queer dreams.

Benign ™.



Whenever she hurt me, I never held back; I cried and hated myself for every bit of it. But I preferred that the tears don’t roll down my cheeks. I’d rather they ripple backward. I’d rather they flow inward and rain on my heart, drop by drop, heartbeat after heaetbeat. The tune of the showers and the reverberations would make worthy music, I knew..so I reserved each of the symphonies, to make the beat for my next love song, to make the rythm for my next love story.

Too bad

I’ve once heard that giving wasn’t necessarily receiving.
Too bad I gave you all I had,

In the hope that you’ll love me back someday.

I’ve once heard that loving is a learning process.

Too bad you found some subjects too hard,

Too hard for even a try, a try……

Too bad.

Too bad for the ‘us’

The ‘us’ I saw all night and day.

Too bad for the dreams,

The dreams in which you played main character all season.

Too bad for the fantasies,

That never were to be a reality.


Learning to consider you a lost conquest,

Might grant me a life, longer

Longer than one spent waiting for apples under a mango tree

Too bad.

Arms stretched out

Arms stretched out

Hopes were high

Thoughts came in myriads

Round he spun,

Grew resonate with every turn.
Arms stretched out

The end was nigh

Palms brushed in thousands

Proposals in rolls.

He grasped none,

He was falling for one.
Arms pulled back

Eyes trained on one

Fantasies flowed in torrents 

Feelings in showers.

Love had brewed,

Flames were lit, felt good.
Arm stretched out

Breath held like none

Heartbeats in currents

Approaching her towers.

He opened his heart,

Hoped her hand to hold, hoped her heart to have.