I don’t walk alone

I don’t usually walk alone

But I know the beauty of solitary saunters

And I know how sweet it is to hum tunes my brain credits itself for

so I walk with my music

and my problems too

Chanting them as if to entertain the whizzing winds

Singing them as if the melodies would shoo them away,

With the incessant brrrr!s they leave on my ears

Chorusing them to the birds

Just as if their responses are solutions

Chirp! Chirp! they quip, and I sing along

There’s a solution to my troubles,

The winds and birds know,

I don’t walk alone.


I don’t walk alone.

I know I’m….

Paper and pen might not ever be enough
To capture perfect descriptions of what my heart says
Words might not ever interpret satisfactorily
The palpitations the thought of her casts on my heart
I might not ever be able to tell
What it is her voice does to my ears
And when she laughs in those voice notes
That serendipitous giggle that’s a siren’s song to my heart
My words might not ever explain the musical notes
And how marvellously those cords are tuned.
I might not be able to ever tell
What it feels like to lay my eyes on her when she’s not looking
To stare into her eyes when and to feel immersed in them
Or just looking into that sumptuous bosom she sports
Or those well curved servings of African glory…
Well to say the possible least
She’s just this one Haven of a marvel that happened in my life
A Heavensent soul, an answered prayer
A massive addition to why I’m blessed
She’s a redefinition of what my dreams look like
She’s the best description of what awesome company is to me..
Sometimes my brain waves just wander into this thought that she’s this sole key that could free set this soul of mine from the pain that time deals onto life….
She’s my best description of Love

I know I’m in Love…


Dear mister Opondo

There’s a lot to say about Kabondo

the smooth fresh air

and the bird’s chirps here and there

Not forgetting the many a maize plantation

and the beautiful fruits of afforestation

As the men leave for ‘kwath’

its a new day coming to birth

listen, can you hear the cow’s bells ringing?

look, can you see the sun rising?

its time to get up

and to have a cup of tea

but not before cleaning the cow shed

and watering the seed bed.


He promised me an unimaginable utopia

he said we would cruise allover Malaysia

we would traverse the lands of Kenya

we would marry, live a life of love, to each other feelings to vent

I believed till, my bank PINS I entrusted with my dear Kent

And since then my cash vanished and my calls unanswered went.

Each and every sunset…

Each and every sunset

I picture the moments we shared

rolling in the green lawns of love

basking in a soothing heat of affection

running all over a field, admiration

relaxing in a park, loyalty

playing a hide and seek of surprises

resting in fortresses in the safety of each others embrace


At sunrise

I reminisce the pleasure times we shared

at the shores

the blissful love we showered each other with

memories of how we loved

with reckless abandon flow in my mind.


It’s like a mirage that you never reach

however much you draw closer

It’s like a blurred  image

whose essence you cant fathom

It’s like an oracle who you can talk to

and hear from, but can’t touch


Dear love

come back to the first love

relieve me of the unending pain

Amy, am nothing without you.