Fire and ice

When it’s a wildfire in your head

And when the fires scald your thoughts

When the pain roasts your insides

My kisses are just the right amount of cool

And my lips the snow showers that’re the flames’ remedy

When it a breezy gale in my head

When my thoughts are blown cold to the bone

And when my insides are iced stiff

Your kisses are the right amount of warm

And your lips the fiery fountains that’re the chills’ antidote

You’re my glow and I’m the frost you own

We’re fire and ice baby

And our kisses; Apricot sunrises and Crimson sunsets.


I know I’m….(1)

Paper and pen might not ever be enough

To capture perfect descriptions of what my heart says

Words might not ever satisfactorily interpret

The palpitations the thought of you casts on my heart

I might not ever be able to tell

What it is your voice does to my ears

And girl when you laugh in those voice notes

That serendipitous giggle that’s a siren’s song to my heart

My words might not ever explain those musical notes

And how marvellously those cords are tuned.

I might not be able to ever tell

What it feels like to lay my eyes on you…and especially when you’re not looking

To stare into your eyes and to feel immersed in them

Or just looking into that sumptuous bossom you sport

Or those well curved servings of fine African glory

Well to say the possible least

You’re just this one heaven of a marvel that happened in my life

A heaven-sent soul, an answered prayer

A massive addition to why I’m blessed

You’re a redefinition of what my dreams look like

And the best description of what awesome company is to me

Sometimes my brain waves wander into this thought

That you’re this sole key that could free set this soul of mine

From the pains that time deals on life

That warm smile and that striking look

That nice heart and that pleasing personality

That listening ear and that understanding soul

That opinionated conscience..and girl

That truth telling tongue

You’re all that my perfect description of love entails…

The charm that’s my dime.



Sometimes the alphabet is a set of knives

And words are double-edged swords


Speech is like dealing blades

And the sound of it….so sharp.


It’s our our own guts slashed up

Sometimes its our hearts that bear the brunt

When heartbeats are sliced away

Not to be seen no more

But to be glanced at from afar

To be wished back

To pipely be dreamed of.

We are but Smiths

Our breathe the steel

Tounges the flames

Vocal cords as hammers

And well salivary files…ever sharpening

Our lips the gates

Gates seldom opened

By angry keys….

By jilted keys….

Envy…. jealousy…

There’s a bunch of keys in our brains.



I wrote a poem tomorrow

About today,

I’ll write another 

When yesterday comes.

Forgotten is the future

And planned for is the past.

When pen strikes paper

Dimensions change

This is the ink-side-out

And here

It’s tomorrow before yesterday.™

My type.

Like the tides and their times

Precise are her words

Like the stars and sun

Certain; her sentiments

And just like the drafts and wind

Left or right she’s going somewhere

Her speech sieved

Her voice calm, collected

She’s my type of woman, Wise.

I know her

By heart not sight

I know her

Her mind not her name.

It’s her inside that takes my breath

Her outside that’s a bonus

A grace..

The Creator’s grace.


We’re choosing us

It’s spiffing were choosing us

I’m choosing you,

You’re choosing me,

I’ll love to stroke your hair

You’ll love to lie on my chest

I’ll love to watch you struggling into jeans

You’ll love to struck my back

I’ll love you, You’ll love me

But girl, I’ll love it more when we fight

You’ll slap my secrets on my face

I’ll deal your weaknesses yo your face

And it would go no farther

I’ll pull you close

Well embrace

And our bond strong will grow.™