Sometimes I trudge down this path…and it always has a story to tell…
It tells many an elaborate story, clear to the finest bit, accompanied with high definition moving pictures…and sometimes..not so often comes with renditions of crystal clear sound and voices
Sometimes the story is sweet…so sweet I get engulfed in it and forget I’m not exactly within the time-set of that story
Sometimes it gets so funny…I burst out laughing…I laugh so hard my ribs ache… so hard people wonder why on Earth I would just suddenly laugh alone
And well sometimes I sigh in relief… thanking God that things happened the way they did and not in any other way lest things wouldn’t be the same now
Sometimes the stories move me to tears and I let them flow freely as if to wash away the pain with them
Many at times though…the stories give me hope and a reason to live on, a reason to continue with the struggle

It’s called Memory lane; this neat path I trudge down sometimes….and well it narrates stories of my memories so well. It almost always is worth the day-dream


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