It pretty much wasn’t about the Roman pillars that his arms looked like,

To her it wasn’t all that much about his mellifluous voice that could unbolt screws somewhere in her heart, just by the mention of her name,

She didn’t think it was about his eyes or nose, or was it his beard that made him look like this prince she had met in her dreams as a child, and might his name have been Charming?

She couldn’t be all that sure, maybe he just possessed some magic that turned her on.

She lay on the bed she hadn’t bothered to tuck into all this while, her thoughts preoccupied by the sights of this human that had seemingly been super-glued to her brain.

There’s this unpredictability that came with his words. She found it hard to understand why when he flattered her it sounded like lines from a Spanish soap script.

She had only known him less than twenty four hours,the sun hadn’t risen again since his existence hovered into her visage, but it felt like she’d known him since she got her first inkling of what love could be; back in the day when Cinderella’s tale was still to her a romance novel

Here she lay, staring into the starry night sky and playing out in her mind ‘their’ wedding; her dream beach wedding, Him in purple robes, herself in the shiniest of gowns, the monk with scrolls in hand…..

It took a mosquito bite to jerk her back to reality, to bring her back to the fact that chance might not let them meet again soon. She might not have known what charm he used on her, but she knew one thing, that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He’d made her day, or was it her life, and as sure as she could be: she’d fallen In love; AT FIRST SIGHT.


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