The night the moon ate the dark.

It’s that night..

It’s that night again

The night the moon eats the dark a second time

It’s the night the words

Marching down in jest

Dressed in black..drenched in red

Boots and fatigue…armed to tooth..

Make a grand homecoming

Twice bolder, thrice tough

Four times unabating.

This time with more of target practice

And advanced precision.

It’s the night the dreadful words come out of her mouth


It’s the night their bullets strike straight through my heart

It’s the night their swords slash at their sharpest;

It’s the night…the night she deals me a bold bereft

A second time.

A last time.™


14 thoughts on “The night the moon ate the dark.

  1. True beauty sometimes lies in standing through the midnight of life and pain , with a wide, cheerful smile knowing that a beautiful dawn awaits……keep writing bro you’re headed for great things

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