I think I’m…(3)

Sometimes I look in her eyes

Trying to read her thoughts

Struggling to pick just a drop of interest

From this sea that’s her

These waters that are unreadable emotions.

Sometimes she looks in my eyes

And browses all through my thoughts

Drawing gallons of everything

From the ocean that’s me

These waters of​ jinxed feelings.

Questions linger…

Is she interested in me?

Answers scamper…..
What will become of me

Of the us; that my dreams cling onto.


It’s beyond me what she asks

But answers exist

‘something should become of him..,

Of the expectations that his mind harbours.’

I’m still lost

Lost in the ‘wild’; in this feeling

Hopes’re high , love might be the name of this jungle

Prayers’re optimistic, that I may not find my way out.

Who knows if she’s lost too

Somewhere in the ‘wild’; in some feeling 

Hopes’re high, we’re traversing one jungle

Optimistic describes the prayers, that the way out she finds not.

Anyway, it’s quite time hopes and prayers were done away with

Time for maybes to be turned into certainlys

Time for this feline to be let out of the bag

Time to face fears and embrace expectations

A time, to make the mastered courage count

And break the news.

I think… I’m..☺.

I ain’t saying nothing today.


23 thoughts on “I think I’m…(3)

  1. …..time to make the mastered courage count….indeed it is. Part 3 is a fantastic work of art, the prelude to what i believe will be your best piece (part 4)….eagerly waiting

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If she looks in your eyes and draws gallons of all that is surely Love, trust me, she’s also in LOVE…

    I’ve read the part 3 three times and had to note that all your penned words were meant for each other. I’m loving your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Time to express uo feelings towards her and wait for the consequences ☺😊😊… I’m certain it’s good news and she loves you more than you love her…. it’s lit

    Liked by 1 person

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