I think I’m…..(2.5)

Love maybe isn’t what I feel for her

Something much stronger probably

And ironically weak

Strong enough to blind me of flaws

Weak enough to not be able to let her know

Something weird inside

Magical, I can say

Weird enough to deny me sleep

It casts spells on my thoughts;magic ?

I don’t know if this is love

Is it?


Hey, I had to make a part 2.5 to pave way for the part three whose end quite much has refuse to come.

Anyway, I’m still working on it, expect more soon.

The good reader sure has picked hints from part 2.5 ,of what 3 might look like. Have you?

Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “I think I’m…..(2.5)

  1. Ed… weak enough to tell her that you love her … you need to build-up uo courage… and tell her… otherwise uo love towards her will kill you if you don tell her and it will hurt you a lot to see her slip away from you… anyway nice poem..i love it 😍😍…. can’t wait for part three ☺☺😊😊

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