I think I’m….(2)

Her eyes

They’re the kind anybody would lack the words to describe

I’m no exception  anyway

They’re not the hazel colour that Sidney Sheldon talks of

They ain’t the turquoise eyes Anita Shreve writes of all time

They’re the normal black and white 

And that’s more to say

That it’s not about the colour
Her eyes sport this crystal feature

That baffles the hell out of me when I’m staring in them

Sometimes I look in her eyes and see myself

She so much reminds me of a ‘mother confessor’- just that she looks life  other than truth into me

No one makes me so helpless

And so effortlessly

I’m trying my best to be good enough

And not say all about that pair of art pieces

Lest she got known by everyone 

Well, I don’t want you to know her yet

So I’ll move on to her hair

Which I also can’t say much about

I’m becoming a pain now, ain’t I?

What is it I’m hiding,you ask

I’m protecting my interests, trust me, I am.

Her hair….

In how do I even start this

For hair, she’s got strands of the finest stuff my fingers have ever stroked
And it’s not like she let’s me do that

Know anything about stealing opportunities?

Well if that was a yes, you quite know what I mean

And I bet you should know more about forbidden fruit😉

There’s this thing about that hair

That my fingers itch to let you read

But my interests itch more to not let you….

Lest I made her known.

What do I move on to now

Her skin..😃

She’s not the much sought after ‘rangi ya thao’

I’m not sure if she’s dark or lightskin

But you know men are colourblind😎

At least I should be right now😁…

Who opts for a handshake​ instead of a hug

Nobody..? Wrong!

Edward’s the answer😅

You most certainly don’t know what it feels like

To hold that hand a couple split-seconds more..

Wonderworld….. No.. heaven … .no.. Utopia?

I don’t know, I dont☺





Seven days is quite a long wait I know

But there’s this thing linguists decided to call ‘ unavoidable cicumstances’. Now you’re getting me I know. So apparently, the rest of the 180 lines, from where I left, contained  too much of, lemme call it ‘unpublishworthy content’ and a lot of what I think would have let her identity out..☺ which I don’t want yet. So I had to start editing and trust me editing takes more energy than the writing itself ….well, at least for me😁 word replacement, omission, line addition, re-reading and all that hectic stuff, but here we are.. and my hopes lie on the belief that you’re loving part two of this piece…

Anyway, is this what falling in love feels like?. Lemme know..

I think I’m


In love😄


16 thoughts on “I think I’m….(2)

  1. Building suspense hmmm tutamjua we will form a commission of enquiry to know this wonderful being that has captured your heart
    Anyways I love the vivid descriptions, expressions nice work kudos
    And don’t you dare stop blogging….that is a threat😈😈

    Liked by 1 person

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