Think about this.

Six months in a relationship 

That’s not a joke 

To give you my heart.

To love, care, protect you 

To stay committed to you for this long 

Do you think it’s easy to stay committed to the person you love with all your heart ?

Someone who you wished to spend the rest of your life with? 
I loved you boo 

And I still do 

But I can’t take it anymore 

Lies and deceptions 

That’s what I always get in return 

I know I was rude at times and I’m sorry 
You hurt my feelings 

I apologize, you apologize 

I’ve tried to keep you 

But you push me away.
Hello reader

It’s actually the first time today someone else is featuring on my blog.

The piece you just read was originally penned down by Christine Wangechi, someone important to meπŸ˜‰. Credit needs to be given where it’s due anyway.

Thanks a bunch @tyn for allowing me to do this. I’m actually looking forward to more from you. Keep writing.


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