Do I?

Roses are red

And love is a disease

Violets are blue

And the ocean bliss is a lie

Do I believe in love?

It’s one thing to love

It’s another to be loved

It’s yet another to be lost

Lost in the frenzies

The frenzies of an inexplicable feeling,

To be in the centre

Of a magnitudous tornado

You get me, don’t you?

Strong, it can be.

I know Juliet deserved a longer life

I bet Romeo needed his breath a while longer

But what did love have to offer

A fatal concoction?

Folk, do you believe in love?

I ain’t sure personally, but

Come to think this way.

I know love is a beautiful chaos

It’s having a fight and ending it with a bewitching kiss

It’s caring less and minding not opinion

Love exists in that soul-wrenching sacrifice

That you know will put a smile right where you want it

It’s that melt that the smile plasters on your heart

It’s this fire beneath their eyes

That serves you an escape-proof trap.

It’s this confusion

With which the ‘red words’ plunder your sobriety.

Hmm, wait a minute.

Am I falling for this sweet talk?

This barloney?

Ain’t love this scintillating suicide recipe?

It’s a couple thousand times,love’s come before slashed wrists

Before self-inflicted gallows

Tell me you’ve not seen a battered spouse

And I’ll sign your blindness confirmation

Let’s step closer

I don’t know you, but I know 

I know of the scar that itches somewhere on your heart 

Everytime your eyes close and your thoughts drift

To you know what.

It’s because of love that heartbreak exists

You don’t disagree, do you?

But c’mon

C’mon c’mon c’mon

Get back to the basics

Understand your origin

Understand that your cradle ain’t your Homeland

And it ain’t your mother’s womb.

You wouldn’t be, if not for the love

The love that brought them together.

Delve deeper and understand

That it’s the sweets that this love offered

That conceptualised, bore and built your existence

See  for yourself

That you’re the product of a ‘mere’ four-letter word

You might as well want to reconsider the ‘mere’ part of it.

Folk, I don’t know how good love can be

What the depths of this feeling can offer

You sure wouldn’t have all of it

But a taste, just a taste of it

Sure would teach

You know what experience is best at.

But wait

Do I believe in love?

I don’t know….

Plato knew better than to not acknowledge

That love; is a mental disease

I know better than to not acknowledge

That the ocean bliss is a lie

But still,

The irrational me knows better than to not acknowledge

That I sure believe in love

No matter what.


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