The Rosy gallows.

This is the story of the hangman

Who died of the actions of his love

His only love

The only love he ever had.

Hangman, he was

A neck-slitter precisely

Cold, defined his heart

Bad, defined his temper.

Remmy, his name was

Death-rows his patients were

Druglords and most wanted fugitives

Drug lord, this time it was

Karl Miss was the name in question

Karl’s neck was the object of action

and Remmy spared not.
A while later

A case arose

A ‘patient’ came around

Seeking deadly attention

This time, not just case

An unprecedented case

A female patient

Michelle Brook by name

and beautiful by face

Found guilty , peddling drugs.
She was chained, awaiting death

With not a single visitor.

Till the day

Remmy called on her

The killer of her only would-be visitor

He knew not whose daughter she was

She knew well whose father he’d killed

He knew not what took him there

She knew well she needed him then

To fulfil her plans


Plans, to get free

Plans, to take revenge.
Fortunate for her

She was one of a kind

A rare kind

And her beauty softened a heart

Her beauty stirred a feeling

A burning sensation of first sight love​

That warmed his cold heart
She knew well her ability

She used it to her advantage

And made it to him clear her plans

Remmy fell for the plan

Or better said;

Remmy fell in love

Remmy agreed.

Visiting hours elapsed

Each went their way

and suffered and insomnia

Each lacked sleep in eagerness

Awaiting the appointed day.
The day came, it had to

and everyone lay in position  

In readiness, in steadiness

To get someone free

To unchain someone from the prison’s confines.

Everything went as planned

Everything fell in place

And all tracks were covered

Leaving no Trace

Each turned stone put back in place

And soon the duo were racing

Racing to freedom

Right into remmy’s abode

To know more of each other

And to celebrate an achievement

In a carnal frenzy

Passionate as never

With the deepest of  love.
Only later to realise

Of a grave mistake on their side

Of a stone not re-turned  to place

and of the coppers on their trail

No time to waste

Only a rush to get back on the run

A run to save lives

To get away.
He could fly metallic birds

So he got one for them

And up in the air they went

Slicing through the air currents

Flying away

In frantic efforts to make an escape

But unfortunate for them

A card had been played faster

By the other party

Unexpectedly a bullet came flying

From a sniper’s gun into the cockpit

 and straight to his chest

Splashing his blood

And prompting her wails.

The bird flew in circles

It’s dead pilot’s soul departing

And it’s altitude decreasing.

Her self left inside

Not knowing her fate

And left  with lonly goodbye to say

A big kiss she planted

 on her palling forehead.
Half her plan was well fulfilled

The other half as well

But against her intention.


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