Each and every sunset…

Each and every sunset

I picture the moments we shared

rolling in the green lawns of love

basking in a soothing heat of affection

running all over a field, admiration

relaxing in a park, loyalty

playing a hide and seek of surprises

resting in fortresses in the safety of each others embrace


At sunrise

I reminisce the pleasure times we shared

at the shores

the blissful love we showered each other with

memories of how we loved

with reckless abandon flow in my mind.


It’s like a mirage that you never reach

however much you draw closer

It’s like a blurred  image

whose essence you cant fathom

It’s like an oracle who you can talk to

and hear from, but can’t touch


Dear love

come back to the first love

relieve me of the unending pain

Amy, am nothing without you.


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