Diamond mine

Readers, its thursday today and you know what that means. its actually a special day because i’m reminding myself of the past, TBT , isn’t that what they call it? so today i’m taking ourselves back to 2012 when i was still starting poetry. its one of those poems that make me say’ we’ve actually come far’ when i look at them. hope you enjoy your read. happy #TBT. KEEP READING

Your heart now i ask

to me a diamond mine

your love for sure i crave

your lips to eat and dine

how kissable i find your lips

hoe carressable…….your hips

so tender, your golden heart

so beautiful your face

so warm your embrace

so adorable i confess

how indomable your caress

your walk so majestic

your smile so impressing

your hair so authentic

your eyes so attractive

your voice so wholesome

your blush so striking

your personality, …”a diamond mine.”


I wish to have you a longer while

with you to have a pleasure time

If i could I’d make your tears hide

to always maintain your smile

your affection that keeps me so high

always when carressing your thigh

that route so pleasurable to ply

The reason you shouldn’t go off my eye.


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