Dear crush…

This is a heartfelt missive,

to the person who drives me sober.

I’ve kept privy my feelings,

since the day I met you.

It’s driven me bonkers every night I’ve thought you,

and known to myself silently,

that your’e not in the knowledge of how much i love you,

of how much i sit silent and look in the sky,

seeing your moon-like beauty,

inscribed on the stars,

manifested in the rays,

and shouting in the cricket’s sounds,

reigning in the cool winds,

and glowing in the fireflies’ frenzies.

It’s pierced my heart,

to know i lacked the courage,

that strength to express myself,

the temerity to spill the beans,

I’ve grown resonate with anxiety every sunset,

but its the end today to an anxious soul.

as i let it out of my soul

I love you, ……………. ,I do.

Oh yes , I do.


as i guess i’m yet to master the courage.

SAD, isn’t it     (sob)

actually, the thing is…

I am only human


I just don’t know how you’ll react.

I still love you though, I do.


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