I saw a flower…

I saw a flower yesterday

clinging to itself

trembling in the dusk cold

swaying with the gusty winds

I could almost hear its wishes

It’s pleas for sunshine

It’s prayers for some showers.

The sun was setting.

Darkness was creeping in fast

and soon the maize plantations rattled

in the strong winds

The iron sheets quite felt the winds too

I could hear them cracking

I wasn’t left out

goosebumps took the better part of my skin

I had to jump in between the sheets

I yearned for warmth

Then, slowly, tap!…



The drops came one after the other

making quite some sweet music right above

slowly the tempo increased

as the music graduated to some nagging noise

that threatened to make the roof cave in

then came my snores, and my dreams.



I decided to take a morning stroll

and as I trudged downhill

I caught a glimpse of my flower

In its full blossom

gleaming in the morning sun

having fun in the heat

enjoying the magnificent rays

loving the warm winds.

It’s petals spread out

for all earth to see it’s beauty

for all eyes to glare at it’s purple petals

for the winds to take away as much pollen

as they may wish.

for the insects to enjoy a nectar delicacy

to their pleasurable fill.

And just as I marveled on

a goat came around

full of blemishes allover

and though it had sweet bleats

It shamelessly ate up the flower

A sad end to such a long journey.


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