The ordinary day went by

and the pedestrian

crossed at the favorite point

but today

something wasn’t so ordinary

toward her sped an old

but strong automotive

leaving behind clouds of smoke

and squeaks from its engine

the car didn’t  veer of

and the pedestrian didn’t stir

she thought she was safe

but then

this was followed by a serious bang

eyes turned

but only a casualty was visible

and no traces of the assailant

hmm. He was satisfied

and she lay there, used

and helpless.


try get an inner meaning and let me know through a comment. lemme know if youre thinking what i was thinking.


4 thoughts on “insurgent

  1. Rosaliene Bacchus says:

    When we read poetry, we bring to it our own personal experience of the past and present moment. For me, the poet’s real intention doesn’t matter. Like the pedestrian in the poem, life knocks us down on an ordinary day from out of nowhere. Some gloat at our downfall and don’t lift a hand to help us up again.

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