.4 your eyes… only…

I love to look into your eyes

and to see the life right in there

yours are not the emerald eyes everyone’s after

but that brown tinge

ignites my soft spot for uniqueness

like you there sure is none

I’m quite head over heels with your gaze

that confusing stare

that ties a sailor’s knot on my spinal cord

that allure

that brings disarray to my vertebra

you leave my back doing dances

with every wink you flash my side

when your eyes shine

something similar happens in my heart

something bright

on the left side of my rib-cage

sometimes i could feel the rays

piercing through my chest

Girl, there something about your lashes

that turns on my smile

that black, that’s not on everyone’s eyes

that touch of authenticity

that startles me, to date

ever since we met.

OK. I don’t know if this sounds right


you look life into me.


This quite much couldn’t be the best way to say this but now  all’s done.

succinct dedication to- Aghie  MK.


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