I met a queen…

On Tuesday the twelfth

i met a queen

a queen of such character and depth

i encountered beauty i had not seen

eyes bright enough to light a fire

that kind of fire that burns your heart in desire

her eyes, oh my god! , her eyes

the humbly stern looks that make you feel not so nice

when she walked in

i was surely keen

slow humble steps; self confidence

looks, of uttermost humility and undisputed credence

looks, nature forced me to note

looks, that my counterparts call ‘hot’

On Tuesday the twelfth

a queen i sure beholdeth

i met a personality with imperceptible flaws

now i had cause to believe, that day

an angel, god had sent my way

i saw savoury lips

that sent me nibbling on my finger’s tips

on that day i saw supple skin

‘rangi ya thao’ in its best din

i reckon id seen no other skin so smooth

on Tuesday the twelfth; tell you what…. ‘i met …..(fill this space with your name if you’re female)

keep reading……..


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