At first sight…

Even in the brightest of days

your absence denies me the light

It aint an easy task walking a dark desert

thoughts of you bring me memories you and i

sitting vis-a-vis, exchanging glances

at incomprehendible creations

epitomes; beautifully sculptured

sharing an inexplicable feeling

a burning sensation right in the heart

an undying flame beneath the skin

you breathing fast, i even faster

staring into each others eye

loosing feeling of the bumpy road

an imaginary wireless connection between hearts

an engraving sculptured on the left of my heart

leaving my blood flowing you

i forgetting to alight at the intended stop

and not regretting walking all the way back

the inexplicable feeling

of love at first sight.

have you experienced love at first sight before? well ,this poem narrates an encounter i  had some months ago and i tell you it was… i don’t even know how to describe it… but confusion takes the better part of you, words disappear,knees wobble, sweat may trickle and all that associated stuff. it takes an unshakeable heart and mind to take control of such a situation, but that’s no reason to be afraid to fall in love at first sight. keep reading.


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