aint this true?

many a time we wish we could turn back time to the good old days when  mommy would sing us to sleep; but now were stressed out. now theres alot of work around us and mommy is no longer the good old  singing machine that would bring sleep lingering in your eyes like a pendulum, but a stern voice that shouts ‘wake up you need to make money’ every morning, actually its not yet morning by then, its still five o’clock and the cold doesn’t even allow your feet out of the sheets. but what else can you do apart from just getting up for once and getting prepared for the day. as you prepare memories linger in your mind, youre busy thinking about those days when you would be forced to go to sleep and it would be a tough hide and seek for your mom before you got to bed , but now the same mother doesn’t want to see you going to bed early. you then come to the realisation that the times have changed and youre  all grown up, not the little kid you once were. you realise that its responsibility you need to take ; that its time to look into the future ,not your past life. you understand that the sleep youre craving for wont take you anywhere anyway

Inspired by ‘stressed out’ Twenty one pilots

take things literally once in a while , dear Reader.


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